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Dramatic Overhauls in Personality and Behaviors in US Penal System

Pie Dumas - Monday, April 14, 2014
Dramatic Overhauls in Personality and Behaviors in US Penal System

How does one begin her blog? As if we have a blank slate, a soapbox from which to postulate our dreams, ideas, hopes, fears?

From a coaching perspective I could write about my history of growth through the years of working with clients: learning to engage with peoples’ feelings, trusting the process of knowing when to ask challenging questions, when to back-off – to keep my mouth shut. And, how to listen deeply to what they say and don’t say.

How about transformation? There’s a mouthful, also perhaps an overused term these days … meaning what? Significant, life-altering change? Re-vibing oneself? I’m referring to massive alterations in one’s psyche, belief system, thought process, behavior, and choice making. More or less: a complete reorganization of one’s operational framework. To me, that spells evolutionary, and revolutionary regeneration.

Transformation is not some absolute destination that one declares, “I have arrived!” Rather a gradual continuum of subtle revisions, reworking what no longer works, after identifying how we’ve blundered through our lives, blindly wounding ourselves, and others. When we’re ready to shed our victim identity, we can choose to step into ‘ownership,’ into responsibility, understanding that we have the power to govern our own feelings, to monitor our actions, and to heal from the inside out a lifetime of loss, sorrow, fear, blame and shame.

Nowhere have I witnessed a greater abundance of dramatic overhauls in personality, behaviors, and awareness than in our penal system right here in the U.S., where we incarcerate more people per capita than any other country in the world.

To say that inmates have a rarified opportunity to wallow in past digressions, create new stimuli to perpetuate more drama, or embrace a whole new paradigm is an understatement.

I know a little about this because I have spent time with men and women doing time. Not as a teacher, or therapist, or even spiritual advisor, but merely as an observer.

As I move forward with this blog, I will share from my experiences with inmates, talk about the progress of the book I am writing on positive prison programs, and weave some personal unfolding through the strands of this important work …