Life Coaching home of Pie Dumas, Certified Life Coach and Author

Accredited by and affiliated with Coach Training Alliance (CTA), member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and Toastmasters International (TI). As a life coach, Pie Dumas focuses her clients on positive, innovative methods to develop greater enthusiasm and motivation to 'feel' a heartfelt, authentic connection to their lives.

Whether you live in the Charlottesville or Richmond, Virginia area, or you reside globally, as your coach, Pie will support you in developing greater self-confidence, and encourage you to progress your desires into successful results, forging a more meaningful life.

Happiness Comes from Within

Happiness Comes
From Within

Compassion, Kindness and Warmheartedness
Designing Life Intentions

Designing Life Intentions - Personal & Professional

Release the Past

Releasing the Past
Freeing New Energy

Building Integrity
Learning to Live by Your Values
Transform Your Desires

Transform Your Desires
Express Yourself Dynamically

Trust Your Intuition
Believe in Yourself and All Possibilities

Create Balance

Create Balance
Simplify Your Life

Making Meaningful Life Changes

{ Heart-ful - Confidence - Inspiration }

Model The Behavior You Want

Quiet Reflection

What does quiet reflection mean for you? Do you allow it in your life? Do you want it in your life?

Own It

Act as if - a valuable practice of "acting as if" you already possess the qualities  you desire. We work together to model the behaviors you want, and with regular practice, you will soon own the new attributes and attitudes. 


Forgiveness: Is it time to free your heart of resentment? To forgive yourself and others? Together we create the space to release pain from past hurts. This allows a rejuvenation of spirit.